Squishy Squshy Birds - Book Cover
The perfect book for those who love all things precious, wild and wonderful.

About Squishy Squashy Birds

Prepare for laughter and chaos when the endangered birds that are trapped inside Sammy’s book are finally set free. As Sammy’s favourite New Zealand birds are squashed into the pages of his book, their quirky personalities and colourful plumages are hidden from the world.

They perch in awkward positions on the pages, far from their beautiful natural habitats and unable to live in the wild. That is, until Sammy decides to share them with his class during Show and Tell. Next thing you know, he has unleashed unbridled birdy chaos!

Once the craziness subsides, could the birds and the children end up being best feathered friends? Beautifully illustrated by Carl van Wijk, Squishy Squashy Birds is the perfect book for those who love all things precious, wild and wonderfully New Zealand.

The perfect childrens book for those aged 2 to 6

Lovingly crafted by

Carl van Wijk
Carl van Wijk spent his boyhood deep in the forests of New Zealand, quietly observing and sketching native birds. He went on to study graphic design at AUT and graduated with honours. Carl's career in advertising began in Auckland, took him to Australia, and now he is Creative Director for an advertising agency in Tokyo. Throughout his career, Carl has created ad campaigns for global giants and has won countless awards. In his spare time, Carl paints with fond memories of his home country, New Zealand.
Alicia Munday
Alicia Munday spent her younger years dreaming up stories. This passion for storytelling led her to study advertising, with a focus on copywriting. She is currently Head of Marketing, looking after some of Australia's most-loved brands. Alicia takes inspiration from her two boys and their love of nature and animals.